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3D Magic Wand 3D Pen Class


 3D Magic Wand 3D Pen Class

Come join our 3D Art Creation class in Toronto. If you are looking to develop a new creative skill while having fun doing it, this class is ideal for you. Learn to use these great new amazing tools while enjoying a relaxed social environment all while making new friends, having some laughs and creating some incredible works of art. Here is what you will learn in this 10-day course:

What you will learn:
- Introduction to 3D pens
- Learn how to use 3D pens to create objects in 3D space
- Discover the basic tips and tricks to start producing simple and beautiful stencils that come right off the page
- Follow the teacher to build your first design
- Start combining flat shapes into 3D objects
- Learn how to create more advanced models that include free-hand curves and other shapes
- Create mechanical components such as hinges, wheels, and other moving parts.
- Introduction to an integration of electrical components to create functional household products 

Class Duration:
- The class consists of 10x 3-hour evening classes once per week. Each class consists of 2 hours of guided instructions and 1 hour of free build time with assistance from your teacher.

Class Size:
- Each class consists of 6 students and one teacher. This will allow for more hands-on assistance to help maximize your time in class for one-on-one assistance with the teacher.

What comes with the program:
Each program will include:
- 30 hours of in-class tutoring
- 1 brand new 3D Magic Wand 3D Pen (includes free filament)
- 1-year membership to the 3D Content site where you can download and create many different models
- Top-up credits on the content site to download premium content
- Filament and pre-printed stencils for in-class participation
-  Snacks on both nights
- 3D Certification*

Magic Wand 3D Pen Package Contents:
- 3D Magic Wand Pen
- 5V/ 2A Charger
- 2m Charge Cable
- User Manual
- Includes 36 Meters of Magic Ink (That is A LOT of Starter Ink compared to the competition)
- 2 x 10m core colors Magic Ink
- 7 x 2m assorted colors Magic Ink
- 1 x 2m cleaning Magic Ink 

examples of 3D printer pen model builds using the Magic Wand 3D Pen

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