3D Magic Wand - Pink
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3D Magic Wand Starter Kit
3D Magic Wand - Tri-Colors
3D Magic Wand - Tri-Colors 2
$74.99 USD

3D Magic Wand 3D Art Design Pen - Starter Kit

3D Magic Wand 3D Design Pen Starter Kit

3D drawing pen that allows users to draw in 3D space real-time without the need of a computer. Bring life to your imagination with the 3DMagicWand 3D art design tools.

Package Contents:
- 3D Magic Wand Pen
- 5V/ 2A Charger
- 2m Charge Cable
- User Manual
- Includes 36 Meters of Magic Ink (That is A LOT of Starter Ink compared to the competition)
- 2 x 10m core colors Magic Ink
- 7 x 2m assorted colors Magic Ink
- 1 x 2m cleaning Magic Ink


1 Year warranty! 


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